Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yarn Bliss...

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided I would spend part of it discovering a beautiful yarn shop. It turned out the shop wasn't as ascetically pleasing as others I have seen but the yarn selection more than made up for the lack of aesthetics. The yarn shop in question is School Products. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (the pictures aren't that great but look at the stuff on the walls and on the tables!!!!)

I spent an hour looking, touching and imagining what it could all become. They have a lot of Karabella yarns (That's mostly what's on the walls) but then there's weird blends of fibers like cotton/cashmere and other cotton blends I had never seen. They had lots of exotic fibres like yak and camel yarns. They also had some Koigu and other well know yarns but the thing I liked the most was their cones of yarn. You get lots of yarn at a really good price. I could have bought so much stuff but what would be the point of going back if I had taken everything I wanted all at once? And I have to go back. Here's what did come home with me.

Both are 100% merino wool. There is enough grey tweed for 2 sweaters and maybe a few little items, and the light yellow/green yarn is for a secret project. I'll have plenty of that left for different items as well.

Ingrid start saving up yarn money!


  1. Lovely! I'm so glad you got to do some yarn shopping. Your cone of tweed looks divine.

  2. Um, that was me obviously, not Jesse. I hate it when he signs in to Google.

  3. Fun! Even if I don't knit. :)

  4. Ingrid I have to confess I thought it odd that Jesse would be so descriptive of tweed! I think my eyebrow went up for a second until I read your other comment!